Opened Eyes: The Hate Against Feminism

feminisim i would say is rather paradixical to some extent

In a Nutshell

I have a dear friend who has always been passionate about feminism. It was something I never really understood when I was younger and thought, ‘is the world that much against women?’. 

After I traveled to Uganda, my mind opened up considerably, or so I thought. Yesterday evening, I came across a Facebook Page titled ‘Feminine Hypocrisy‘. 

Needless to say, my mind was opened further.

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AIESEC is the world’s largest student run organisation currently present in 125 countries and still expanding. its non political independent, not for profit organisation made up of students and recent graduate of institutions of higher learning. its members are interested in world issues, management and leadership. AIESEC is a platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential so as to have a positive impact on society.

 I have been in AIESEC since 2012 when i joined University, Makerere University Kampala to be precise. it all started at the famous university bazaar where i was approached in their Open Market Campaign where they would give you a 2 minute pitch and then take your contact and promise to invite you for an information session later on. i gave them my details and yap continued with the ladies i had come with to the bazaar. at that point i was a resident of the Hall, Mitchel, which apparently was hosting the Bazaar. We went up to my room and had the fun that we had come for. later on, in the next week, i received text messages inviting me for the info session which were to take place at 16.00. surprisingly, i had forgotten that i ghad signed up for this so i asked my roommate

“George, whats this AIESEC shyt, are you going”

“ya man, we shall see if i am free” he replied.

somehow we missed that first session, i guess we were too busy with our “campus excitement” that we forgot about it. the next day we received phone calls notifying us about their last info session and they asked us to endeavour to attend so as not to miss out on this opportunity.

this time round we put it into consideration and found our way there. We reached the room and we saw these guys all dressed up in their AIESEC shirts, of course with white presence to convince us about their internship opportunities abroad. they went through all their presentations. they then informed us about the next step which was the assessment centre which were to take place the next week on Thursday. trust me after the presentations, i was wowed by these people and couldn’t wait to be part of this global org. they had killer presentations, me personally had never done any ppt so i kept on asking myself,

“how do these university kids make such cool shyt?, i really wanna be part of them.”

Thursday came and i was there for the assessment center. we were made to make a few speeches and then do group discussions and sell to our group mates and then they would choose the best. for us it seemed like a game. i swear, i had been a shy dude all my life but i couldn’t believe i was standing in front of everyone talking about myself. the only time i stood in front of everyone was to answer something in class and here i was describing myself to some random people i didn’t know. i remember in our public speeches, we were told to talk about the months we were born in . say 10 different things about your birth month. of course i could only say like 5. that was my first real AIESEC experience, and this was just the beginning of my fruitful AIESEC career with lots of hurdles.

What i learnt from this was that there are people out there that are interested in helping develop others but our ignorance was the only hindrance we had to access to this help. if i hadn’t gone to this AIESEC info Session, i wouldn’t be able to share this blog because i wouldn’t have learnt about blogging. this free expression that people had in a 3rd world country made me believe that freedom is there and i just need to leap for it. i decided to stay after this and this was just the beginning of a journey that i am still trekking


Next we were called fro interviews so that we could be placed in our roles………………….

the story contnues……………………..



Takeout Astrology: The Zodiac Placemat

Duck Pie

I'm the Tiger. What are you? I’m the Tiger. What are you?

All those chopsticks and duck sauce packets you’ve been hoarding for years? They’re all from one mysterious company in White Plains, New York.

Growing up, every restaurant had its paper placemat. Sergio’s and Gino’s had a map of Italy with illustrations of the Tower of Pisa, a Venetian gondola, and the Colosseum. Generically Richmond restaurants had similar map of the Commonwealth of Virginia graced by cardinals and dogwood branches, the state capitol, the House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, and the Blue Ridge mountains. King’s Barbecue in Petersburg had advertisements from local funeral parlors. I remember Acapulco having something similar but Mexican, but my memory grows hazy with age.

Yen Ching had a version of the zodiac printed in bright red and yellow, an ancient and complex system of astrological philosophy reduced to a series of lobster sauce-stained horoscopes. Born in 1986, I was the…

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